My experience with disabilities and disclosure

I think disclosing your disability in a work setting is a very difficult decision. In my experience with chronic migraines, anxiety, and depression I have struggled to admit to myself and others that I have invisible disabilities. In college I struggled to admit that I had a disability in general. It wasn’t until I was assigned to read the book “Claiming Disability” by Simi Linton. This book explains disclosing disability to others as a coming out process. I started simply by telling some of my friends and classmates what I was dealing with. I was so scared they would see who I was behind the normal, smart and almost perfect image that I tried to portray. My friends hugged me and told me that I was being silly they still cared about me and would do what ever they could for me. My professors told me I could get accommodations if I needed too.
In the adult world I didn’t disclose my issues in the interview, but did talk to my boss after I was hired. I told my boss that my issues where mostly under control but I would let her know if I was struggling.

Disability Resources

My goal is to create a complete list of United States disability resources by state and county. I know this is going to take me quite some time but I am publishing resources as I find them. Please send me any resources you have or feel free to ask me to do research in your area.

About Me

My name is Dawn Kohler. I have been really interested in inclusion and advocating for people with disabilities since I was very young. In 4th grade I attempted to learn American Sign Language out of a book. In high school I A+ tutored in two elementary special education rooms. In college I learned about our local sb40 board and learned how much I could do to advocate for adults with disabilities. I worked in the ISL and PA setting with adults with disabilities. I helped them find and access resources within their community. I have also worked with children with attachment disorders and I am currently working with senior adults in a level 1 care facility. I love to do research so feel free to contact me and I can help you find resources in your area if they aren’t already on the resources page of my site